The collection includes preventive-corrective footwear. It is recommended not only for children with platypodia, but also for healthy children, as the best form of prevention, effectively protecting them against this ailment. In designing the various designs of shoes, we have relied on the latest reaserch and knowledge of the treatment and prevention of platypodia. We worked with doctors from the European Union as well as with Polish orthopedists. Thanks to this, the final product has met European Union standards and was approved for sale to local markets.

The development and formation of a child's foot is different in different periods of its life - from the time when the child begins to walk, (10 – 15 months of age), until the end of the growth of the foot, (at 15 - 18 years old). The child's foot is at that time very delicate and particularly sensitive to various influences of external factors, including footwear. That is why we must care about our children's feet from the first moment of their lives, giving the child footwear which promotes correct development and functions of the foot.

Advantages of our shoes are:

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ELASTICITY - footwear bends properly on the joint lines of the metatarsus;

REINFORCED of the heel of the foot;

ABILITY to fit the shoe to more wide or slim feet;

Made entirely of natural leather;

The use of lining and natural leather for the shoe upper;


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